Tile handling Assistance

Tile handling is a physically strenuous activity due to the weight of loads. By providing the operators with a suction cup manipulator, productivity is maximised while reducing the risks related to bad gestures and postures.


Manut-LM  has developed manual handling assistance solutions in the form of cobotic devices (collaborative robots), to assist operators in the handling of loads of all weights, shapes and volumes.


Thanks to a control handle conneced with a lifting tube, the operator is able to lift up to 300 kg ergonomically by totally eliminating the weight of his load.

Video - Tile handling

Video - Tile handling

The MASTER Fast Lifting Tube Manipulator has been designed and custom-made in France by Manut-LM to meet the specific needs of tile manufacturers and distributors.

This device allows to pick up packages of tiles thanks to a specific pneumatic clamp adapted to several formats. The unit can be installed on an overhead crane or a jib crane depending on the surface to be covered and the budget.

The manipulator can lift up to 100 kg without any risk of MST for the operator, which considerably improves the speed of palletizing your loads.

This unique device on the market brings autonomy to the operators in the handling of packages of tiles, allowing to increase tenfold the productivity and to eliminate MST.

Product advantages

A series of safety devices guarantee the integrity of the load and the protection of the operators.

Suppression of the weight of the loads for the operators during the operations of palletization and depalletization of packages of tiles. The pneumatic clamping guarantees a safe grip of the load avoiding falls and accidents. The pneumatic clamping system ensures a safe load pick-up and release.

An ergonomic and comfortable tool.

The lifting tube technology allows smooth and flexible use. A fast execution of the operation is possible thanks to a very fluid ascent / descent and a fast pinching of the load. A 360° rotation of the device and its fixation under a jib crane or a overhead crane simplifies all movements with or without the load. A clamp adapted to several formats of tile packages which allows to take the palletized packages side by side.

Tile handling
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