Handling assistance solutions for each type of load

Manut-LM designs and manufactures in France handling solutions or lifting devices specifically for each client's needs.

Handling heavy or burdensome loads? Discover Manut-LM's solutions.

Depending on what you have to lift, Manut-LM tailor-makes your device for handling bags, boxes, drums, coils, cans, wood panels or plastic or metal sheets… Each work station is analysed to design the most efficient handling assistance system.

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A 30+ year experience

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What handling solutions for my loads?

Handling problems encountered will vary considerably according to load type and sector. To provide a better picture of the variety of existing lifting-tube handling solutions, here are a few examples of loads, per sector of activity, which Manut-LM products can lift ergonomically while increasing your productivity:


- Wood and joinery sector Handling of wooden planks, lifting of panels for power supply to saws, palletising of beams, handling of doors and windows, lifting of filmed loads…


- Chemical sector: Handling of paper or plastic bags for supply to hoppers, palletising of drums, cans and boxes, lifting of blocks of rubber, gum etc.


- Logistics sector: Transfer of boxes, handling of trays, pallets etc


- Industry sector: Handling of sheet metal or plastic panels for production machines, palletising of products at end of manufacture or of boxes, transfer of loads, handling of coils, lifting of pallets etc


- Building and Construction: Handling of bags of cement and concrete, lifting of construction products (slabs, concrete, marble plaques etc), installation of cladding or roofing panels etc


- Agri-food sector: Handling of food products such as rolls of butter, bars of ham, meat loaves, cheese grinding wheels etc


- Wine and bottling sector: Handling of several non-packaged bottles, lifting of barrels, palletising of crates of bottles or boxes, handling of drums etc


Manut-LM has over 30 years' experience in the manufacture of handling solutions involving lifting tubes. We can design the device best suited to your method of production or to your logistical process.


In order to work together on the solution that suits you best, contact our technical and commercial teams who you will bring their expertise in ergonomics and processes.