Handling Assistance Solutions By Market

The handling issues encountered vary considerably depending on the type of load and the sector. In order to understand the variety of existing Lifting Tube Handling Solutions, here are some examples of loads per sector of activity that Manut-LM products can lift ergonomically while increasing your productivity:

-The Carpentry and Wood Market: Handling of Wooden Planks, Lifting of panels for saw infeed, Beam Palletizing, Handling of doors, windows, lifting of film wrapped loads...

- The Chemicals Market: Handling of paper or plastic bags to supply hoppers, Palletizing drums and cans, boxes, Lifting of rubber blocks…

- The Logistics Market: Cardboard Box transfer, Container Handling, Pallets...

- The Industrial Market: Handling of sheet metal or plastic panels for production machines, Palletization of products at the end of manufacturing process or cardboard boxes, load transfer, Spool Handling, Pallet Lifting...

- The Building and Construction Market: Handling of bags of cement, concrete, Lifting of construction work products (paving stones, concrete, marble slabs...), installation of cladding or roofing...

- Agri-food market: Handling of food products such as butter in bulk, ham blocks and meat in bulk, cheese wheels

-Wine and bottling industry: Handling of several individual bottles simultaneously, Barrel Lifting, Palletizing of crates of bottles or cardboard boxes, Cask Handling...

Manut-LM has more than 30 years experience in the manufacture of Lifting-Tube Handling Solutions. We can design the device that best suits your production method or logistics requirements. In order to work together on the solution that best suits you, contact our Technical Sales teams who will bring you their expertise in Ergonomics and Processes.

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