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Overhead Handling Cranes Jib crane or Overhead crane

In large-scale storage areas or on production lines involving the handling of heavy loads  at different workstations, overhead cranes are the most suitable supports. They make it possible to cover a large surface area with a maximum  capacity of movement.

  • Covers a large work area
  • More flexible use of lifting devices
  • Possibility to install several manipulators on the same support
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Overhead Handling Crane for heavy loads
Overhead Handling Crane on a structure
Overhead Crane for confined areas in the food industry
Aluminium Overhead Handling Crane on Steel Structure
Elingues pont roulant
 Overhead handling crane for commercial, retail spaces and large DIY stores
Pont Roulant de Levage pour le stockage et la manutention de l'industrie
Overhead Lifting Crane with ERGO Plus
Column-mounted Overhead Handling Crane in Logistics
Overhead crane for bag lifting
Overhead crane for Bucket Handling
Overhead crane for Storage Area
Jib crane with Aluminium Rail for Handling and Heavy Load Lifting
Overhead crane for the food industry
Overhead crane in industry for production sites
Overhead crane on a Structure
Large overhead crane for handling area
Overhead crane fixed to framework
Made-to-measure Overhead Lifting Crane
Made-to-measure Overhead Handling Crane
Overhead crane
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Technical information

Manut-LM Overhead Traveling Cranes: Lifting Bridges for Material Handling Devices

Composed of two roller bearing tracks and a rolling beam, this support is also available in monorail version. It requires a recovery on the frame of the building or the establishment of a structure on the ground. It can be declined in steel, aluminum or stainless steel.

Cranes are the ideal answer when load handling is done on a large work surface. They allow the installation of several lifting solutions and their use on different workstations.


Manut-LM offers different types of cranes according to your needs:

- Rolling bridge on T-structure adapted to the working environment. Few wheelbases but a large handling area with an aluminum rail providing incomparable comfort and fluidity of movement.
- Rolling crane on fixed brackets allowing to have a self-supporting structure which limits the number of poles to allow a better accessibility to the work zone and a limited bulk.
- Suspended crane with underpinning to remove any footprint. The coverage area can extend to the entire building surface and meet the load handling needs of all workstations.

Overhead Handling Crane - Technical Drawing
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