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MASTER Plus - The solution for bulky loads: Handling by lifting-tube, up to 300 kg
Thanks to its extended arm, Master Plus is the ideal tool for rapid and effortless lifting of heavy and/or voluminous loads allowing grip and removal at a distance, and a yoke with several suction cups to balance the grip of wooden or plastic panels.
The "load tilter" and "articular arm" options are available on Master Plus handles, to respond to all needs.

  • Panels and loads up to 300 kg
  • Comfortable lifting of bulky loads
  • Parking of load
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Load weight up to 300 kg Ergonomic handling: rotating handle Possibility to store the load at mid-height position Ideal for lifting bulky loads
MASTER Plus - Granite Block Handling
MASTER Plus - Handling Tool for Cheese Wheels
MASTER Plus - Door Lifting and Handling solution at the end of the Production Line
MASTER Plus - Wooden Beam Lifting Equipment
MASTER Plus - Bucket Handling Assistance Tool
MASTER Plus - Wood Panel Lifting Tool
MASTER Plus - Handling of Wood Panels, Bulky Loads, up to 300 kg

Available options for Master Plus …

Our products can be 100% made to measure
Our options and a study of your workplace allow us to create the product you need.
Suction-cup Yoke for Panel Handling
Suction-cup Yoke for Panel Handling

A Suction-cup Yoke for Panel Handling allowing to grip bulky loads and balancing them on the various suction-cups

Suction Cup for Food Loads
Suction Cup for Food Loads

Suction Cup for lifting Meat Loaves, Cheese Stones, Hams...

Pallets Fork
Pallets Fork

Pallets Fork made to measure for easy pallets lifting

Suction cup for unregular loads or with holes
Smart Suction Cup

Allows to lift loads even if the whole surface of the cup is not covered

Coil handling mandrel
Coil handling mandrel

Mandrel made to measure to gripp coils by the centre and lift them without any effort

Pince de Manutention pour Sacs en Toile
Pince de manutention pour sacs

Pince de Manutention pour Lever des Sacs sans effort et en totale Ergonomie

Pince Pneumatique de Manutention pour Levage de Portes et Charges Délicates
Pince Pneumatique de Manutention

Pince à commande Pneumatique fabriquée sur-mesure pour saisir des charges fragiles sans les endommager

Triangle Handling Jib
Triangle Handling Jib

Jib to install Handling Solutions in order to move the tools required by the workers

Kit Aluminium-Rail Handling Jib
Kit Aluminium-Rail Handling Jib

Very light, easy to install Kit Aluminium-Rail Handling Jib

Satellite Jib
Satellite Jib

Jib with an articulated arm with an internal pipe to let the air through

Jib with low height requirement
Jib with low height requirement

Jibs with low height requirement are made to maximize the height of the tool in areas with low ceilings

Wall-mounted Jib
Wall-mounted Jib

Jibs can be fixed on already existing poles or walls to reduce the cost and foot-print

Jib with a mobile base
Jib with a mobile base

All our jibs can be installed on a mobile base

Rolling Bridges
Rolling Bridges

Manut-LM's Rolling Bridges are made to measure to fit perfectly your existing infrastructures, whether they are fixed on the existing frame of the building or on poles prepared specifically for your needs

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Technical information

MASTER Plus is the most suitable solution for fast, intuitive and effortless lifting of even the largest and heaviest loads, thanks to its extended arm. It allows the handling of loads, including panels, weighing up to 300 kg.

Generally equipped with yokes with several suction cups to distribute the load balance, this lifting-tube handling solution provides operators with comfort and complete autonomy.


It becomes to lift large panels when working alone, while manual handling of these loads can involve up to 4 people simultaneously.


In addition, lifting panels without a handling assistance solution can cause MSD (musculoskeletal disorders), leading in turn to professional sickness and signing off work. Manut-LM simply removes these risks by reducing the weight of loads thanks to the suction lifting tubes.
Loads of 300 kg can then be moved completely smoothly and without effort!


To avoid load falls, Master Plus handles can be equipped with a safety device that requires the operator to press two "remove" buttons simultaneously to release the load safely and easily.

Type of handle
Rotary control handle
Weight of control handle
40.8 kg
Weight felt
0 kg
Dimensions of control handle
300 x 150 x 100 mm
Compatible gripping tools
Suckers, vacuum devices, forks, hooks, pincers etc...
Maximum removal height
1500 mm
Type of motor
Turbine motor suction unit
Soundproof casing option
Motor power
3 or 4 kW (depending on load)
Electricity supply
230V tri-phase / 400V tri-phase
Max pressure drop
- 600mbar
Change of handle colour possible
Available in stainless steel version
Compatible with ATEX 2.2 zones
1 Year
MASTER Plus Tilter option - Technical Diagram

Master Plus in use!

Handling solution enabling a single person to carry loads

Wooden Panels Handling

Handling assistance solution of containers with tilting and pouring of the contents possible

Trays Handlign and Tilting

Handling tool for carrying several cans at the same time


Handling of plates and beams - Stacking/unstacking

Panels and beams handling

Handling and tilting of cans

Cans Handling and Flipping

Handling assistance for horizontal saw infeed with panels

Panels handling

Handling Assistance Solution of Cheese Wheels

Cheese and food handling

Door Handling Assistance Solution

Doors Handling

Handling of sheet metal plates

Sheet Metal Panels Handling

Handling of wooden planks

Wooden panels handling

Handling of sheet metal plates and panels

Panels and Sheet Metal Handling

Container handling for the food industry (Stainless Steel)

Trays of food handling

Drum handling

Barrels Handling

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