Lifting trolleys and Stackers

The industrial handling stackers are mobile handling solutions that enable operators to handle heavy loads effortlessly.


MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) result from the repetition of inappropriate gestures and postures when handling loads. Moving these loads can also lead to injuries, pain or accidents, causing work stoppages and work-related accidents.
The materials handling trolleys from Manut-LM are an alternative to the manual handling of loads: they enable the operator to move around freely in a workshop, warehouse or outdoors. The load is picked up by the gripping tools that are fitted to all the trolleys in our range.


Discover the Manut-LM range of lifting trolleys to lift the loads you need for your business: panel stacker, trolley for Trays, for drums, for glazing.....
All your handling issues can be solved, without the installation of additional structures, with great flexibility.


Contact us to find out the handling solution best suited to your activity and create together the gripping tool needed to handle your loads.

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Lifting trolleys and Stackers

What is a materials handling stacker?
A stacker or handling trolley or forklift trolley is a manual handling aid solution designed to relieve the efforts of operators when handling heavy and/or bulky loads on a one-off or repetitive basis. Usually on 2 or 4 wheels, the handling trolley can be moved ergonomically by the operator and can pick up the loads to be handled.

Why a handling trolley?
The handling trolley is used in contexts where the handling of loads is a source of MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) or where the loads are too heavy to be lifted without the risk of an accident. The handling stacker can be easily operated without the need for additional structural installation, without electricity supply and with little maintenance.
Therefore, it is the simplicity of use and the type of handling carried out that will lead to the choice of a handling stacker.

How does an handling trolley work?
A stacker moves either mechanically by remote control when the trolley is equipped with built-in batteries, or by the action of the operator.
It is equipped with a gripping tool that will pick up the load instead of the operator. The gripping tool must be adapted to the object to be handled: suction cups for glazing, mechanical grippers for drums,  base plates for cardboard boxes, forks for containers, etc...
Manut-LM is able to manufacture gripping tools adapted to all types of loads. Consult us for more information.

How do I choose my handling trolley?
Manut-LM offers a wide range of handling stackers capable of addressing many different issues. Contact our teams of expert technicians to determine together which lifting trolley suits you best. We are at your disposal to offer you the perfect solution!