Gripping Tools

The ergonomic lifting suction cups are manual handling assistance devices for effortlessly gripping heavy or bulky loads.


It is now possible to lift any load with a smooth surface thanks to a battery-powered, autonomous electric suction cup. Attached to a hoist, it is a gripping tool that provides total autonomy on difficult workstations.


They can be used without installation, without any constraints because they run on batteries and can therefore be transported from one work site to another without difficulty.


The battery-powered suction cups can lift up to 140 kg depending on the model and type of handling. Whether for horizontal handling, vertical lifting or tilting of panels, our suction cups can eliminate physical strain, reduce the risk of MSDs and improve productivity.


The Manut-LM handling suction cups guarantee operator safety and load security thanks to an air vacuum maintained by an electric pump and audio and visual alarms that indicate when the load is properly gripped.


These suction cups can be installed under hoists or on stackers and forklifts in order to combine solutions and offer additional ergonomics and flexibility to these tools.

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Autonomous Lifting Suction Cups and Battery Handling Suction Cups

What is a handling suction cup?
A handling suction cup, also known as a lifting suction cup, is a gripping tool (from the verb to grip) that makes it possible to pick up loads by creating an air vacuum that will maintain the suction cup stuck to the gripping surface.
If the suction cup is lifted, the load taken by the suction cup will also rise. Combined with a lifting system, this tool then becomes a manual handling assistance solution that will facilitate the handling work of the operators.

Why a autonomous handling suction cup?
The advantage of battery-operated suction cups lies in the fact that they enable a load to be grasped without damaging it. In fact, gripping a glass panel, piece of furniture or fragile material is risky when using a clamp or hook because the risk of damage is high.The advantage of the suction cup is that it leaves no marks on the load.
Handling with autonomous suction cups is also advantageous as it allows large loads to be lifted with very compact devices.For example, gripping a glass panel requires a clamp that is specifically designed for the thickness or width of the load. 
In the case of a suction cup, regardless of the dimensions or thickness, simply place the tool in the centre of the panel or load and the lifting operation will be successful.
The batteries' autonomy enables immediate startup of the device and its easy and trouble-free use.

How does a lifting suction cup work?
The lifting suction cups have one or more built-in batteries that will create and maintain the air vacuum between the suction cup and the gripping surface. This technology ensures that the suction cup will not drop the load despite the possible existence of micro-leaks.
The autonomous handling suction cups designed by Manut-LM are all equipped with advanced safety systems: audio and light signals. They ensure that the load is properly gripped and that the suction cup can be raised.