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EASY Fast - an assistance device for manual handling, which reproduces the usual movements of operators in their positions with two-handed handling. The whole thing is made more manoeuvrable when the load is heavy, thus increasing productivity.
EASY Fast allows lifting of loads that are normally difficult to handle, such as bags, boxes, drums and cans weighing up to 50 kg.
Operators' working conditions and productivity are therefore optimized!

  • Weight up to 50 kg
  • Ideal for palleting of bags
  • Makes the work much less arduous
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Load weight up to 50 kg Optimized productivity on medium-heavy loads Two-handed handling for total control Ideal for lifting complex loads
EASY Fast - Handling bags of cement on outdoor construction sites
EASY Fast - Bag Handling
EASY Fast - Bag handling in the logistics sector
EASY Fast - Bag handling in the food sector
EASY Fast - Lifting Tool for Handling and Palletizing Bags, Boxes, Pallets up to 50 kg

Available options for EASY Fast …

Our products can be 100% made to measure
Our options and a study of your workplace allow us to create the product you need.
Suction Cup for Bags Lifting
Bags Suction Cup

Suction Cup for Bags Handling Customized for Plastic, Paper or Cardboard Bags...

Cardboard Suction Cup
Cardboard Suction Cup

Customized Double Cardboard Suction Cup to avoid gripping tapes

Suction Cup for Food Loads
Suction Cup for Food Loads

Suction Cup for lifting Meat Loaves, Cheese Stones, Hams...

Pallets Fork
Pallets Fork

Pallets Fork made to measure for easy pallets lifting

Hook for drums handling
Hook for drums handling

Hook made to measure for drums or containers handling

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Technical information

EASY Fast, the lifting-tube manipulator adapted for difficult loads.

EASY Fast has been designed for lifting cartons, bags, cans, etc weighing up to 50 kg in a variety of formats without the operator being affected by weight of load, work patterns or sequences.
In fact, the grip of the control handle reproduces the grip of the operator raising the load. This natural gesture helps reduce the risk of MSD (musculoskeletal disorders), and also simplifies the task of the operator in his patterns of palleting or de-palleting.


EASY Fast is also ideal for handling bags of all types, thanks to its suction-cup lifting system Bags of cement, salt or dye, for example, can be lifted easily and ergonomically by creating an air vacuum in the prehensile tool (suction unit), allowing the lifting tube to raise the load without difficulty.


EASY Fast meets the needs of companies whose employees have to lift loads that are (boxes, cans etc) or difficult to handle (bags). It reduces the risk of MSD (musculoskeletal disorders), maximises productivity and gives the operators autonomy on the loads that they have to carry.

Type of handle
Control handle with trigger
Weight of control handle
4.6 kg
Weight felt
0 kg
Dimensions of control handle
300 x 150 x 100 mm
Compatible gripping tools
Suckers, forks, hooks, pincers etc...
Maximum removal height
1500 mm
Type of motor
Turbine motor suction unit
Soundproof casing option
Motor power
3 or 4 kW (depending on load)
Electricity supply
230V tri-phase / 400V tri-phase
Max pressure drop
- 600mbar
Change of handle colour possible
Available in stainless steel version
Compatible with ATEX 2.2 zones
1 year
EASY Fast - Technical Drawing

EASY Fast in use!

Suction cup manipulator mounted on a trolley to allow order pickers to pick up loads under the racks

Bags Handling Solution for order preparation

Assistance in handling bags of cement in DIY stores

Bags Handling Solution for construction material retailing

Handling solution for carrying heavy cheese wheels effortlessly

Cheese Handling

Solution to assist in the manual handling of drums to eliminate difficult working conditions

Containers Handling

Bag handling assistance solution to accelerate operator productivity while eliminating the risk of MSDs

High-speed Bag Handling

Bulk Butter handling assistance solution for production lines in the food industry

Butter Handling

Handling solution for depalletizing and palletizing meat in bulk

Meat Handling

Handling solution for palletizing bags at the end of the production line

Bags palleting

Handling of bags for unloading in the food industry

Bags handling for food industry

Handling of pallets by suction

Pallets handling

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