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Aero Tilter 90° - Handling of panels with grip or removal to 90°

On sites where metal panels, plastic or generally non-porous panels are made, problems of storage can lead to movement and removal of panels in sections, and require tilting. Aero Tilter 90° helps resolve the problems of lifting panels weighing up to 1 tonne.

  • Tilts panels to 90°
  • Lifts up to 1 tonne
  • For Non-Porous Materials
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Lifting up to 1 tonne Lifting by suction cup and air vacuum Ideal for panel lifting 90° load tilter
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Technical information

Aero Tilter 90° - For 90° tilting of panels weighing up to 1 tonne

Production sites for industrial metal, plastic or joinery face the problem of handling panels, either as raw material or as a finished product, every day. Storage of panels in tranche requires tilting of panels to supply power saws or production lines.

Aero Tilter 90° is a suction-cup yoke equipped with suction cups for lifting panels up to 1 tonne. The various configurations of the Aero Rocker 90° yokes allow lifting of large panels of up to 3 metres wide.

Aero Tilter 90° holds the load and the yoke can then be lifted by a hoist to move the panel according to the needs of the activity.
The operators are therefore totally independent when lifting bulky and/or heavy loads, thus limiting the risk of MSD (musculoskeletal disorders) and maximising the productivity of production lines.

To find out all the configurations available for Aero Tilter 90°, refer to the attached table or contact our teams to obtain a solution optimised for your needs.

Up to 1 tonne
Load format
All made-to-measure formats
Diameter of suction cups
De 110 à 350 mm
Adjustment of suckers
Main beam
Up to 3000 mm standard (additional measurement unlimited)
Transverse beam
1000 mm standard
Type of supply
230V / 400V / 24V (with batteries)
Type of control
Sliding valve, push-button or radio control
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