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Aero Poro - Handling of porous panels weighing up to 900 kg

Vacuum handling of wood is a solution that allows huge increases in productivity and ergonomics! Nevertheless, this raw material is porous, which poses specific technical problems.

Aero Poro is a suction-cup yoke which is used for lifting wood panels and thus removes the risk of MSS (musculoskeletal disorders) and maximises operator productivity


  • Ideal for porous loads
  • Lifts up to 900 kg
  • Panels up to 5 metres wide
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Lifting of panels up to 900 kg Ideal for wooden panel lifting Tilter option available
Lifting tool for heavy wooden panels and handling of bulky wooden panels
Handling solution for carpentry, saw infeed, wooden panel lifting
Manual handling assistance for large wooden panels, ergonomics
Handling equipment for wooden beams, frameworks, lifting beams
Assistance in the manual handling of porous wooden panels
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Technical information

Aero Poro - Lifting of wood panels up to 900 kg

Handling of wood panels is a particular operation that includes many different parameters.

First of all, the porosity of the material makes it difficult to grasp by suction cup with creation of air vacuum. However, thanks to its special suction cups for handling, Aero Poro allows heavy loads to be lifted even if the surface is not smooth.

The other problem with lifting wood panels is the fragility of planks. Mechanical lifting tools can damage the planks when they leave the cutting machine. The Aero Poro suction-cup handler respects fragility of the loads and guarantees lifting without damaging the panels.

Aero Poro also offers excellent comfort of lifting, an ergonomic that eliminates the risk of MSD (musculoskeletal disorders), and independence for operators during lifting of wood panels up to 900 kg and 5.5m wide.

Aero Poro can be used in simple combination with a hoist, by grafting onto existing brackets (gallows or mobile cranes).

Discover the solutions offered by Manut-LM for lifting wood panels or handling porous loads, and contact us to find the solution best suited to your activity.

Up to 900 kg as standard
Load formats
Panels up to 5500 x 2100 mm
Adjustable suction cups ?
Main beam
Up to 4000 mm standard
Transverse beam
820 mm
Height of device
900 mm
Type of supply
230V / 400V / 24V (with batteries)
Type of control
Sliding valve, push-button or radio control
Aero Poro - Technical Diagram
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