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The lifting of heavy or bulky loads, and the repetitive handling of products or packaging, is the main cause of occupational diseases such as musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), or back or joint pain. To overcome these risks, Manut-LM designs solutions to provide ergonomic handling and thus take the strain away from the operators.


Our ranges of products are intended to facilitate daily handling operations, helping to maximise employee productivity while improving well-being at work.
Discover our different families of lifting appliances: Manipulators with lifting tube, suction-cup yokes, hoists, handling trucks etc


For any specific need, contact us and tell us your problem: our technical and commercial teams and our study office are at your disposal to provide you with a reactive solution!

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Which Lifting Device for my activity?

Many companies today are faced with the problems of manual handling of loads. Whether the load is heavy or light, repetition of movement with a non-ergonomic posture may cause operators to develop occupational diseases such as the famous MSD (musculoskeletal disorders), back pain or muscle and joint pain. The costs of these diseases for the companies are increasing steadily each year.
In order to meet these challenges, it is necessary to find the best lifting device according to the operator's activity.
To do this, many parameters are taken into account, including:
- The weight, shape and nature of the load: the constraints are different for lifting a 25-kg plastic bag, a 250-kg wooden plank  or a one-tonne steel hull.
- Expected sequence: depending on the anticipated productivity level, certain solutions are to be preferred. For a rapid and repetitive sequence, lifting-tube handling solutions are the most suitable.
- Frequency of use: If the need is for ad hoc handling, it is preferable to use economic but slower and less manoeuvrable technologies such as hoists or suction-cup yokes. In contrast, for frequent use it is preferable to maximise productivity and take the sweat out of handling with a lifting-tube handling solution.
- Type of operation performed: Palletising, placing on shelf, insertion in production line etc
- Environment: inside, outside, in confined spaces or in huge work areas… the place where the lifting device is to be installed will influence the proposed solution.
To find out the optimal solutions according to your needs and budget, contact a Manut-LM expert who can advise you for free on the best solution to your problem. All our projects are made-to-measure and manufactured in Ancenis (44), France.