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MASTER More - Articulated Arm option

Lifting-tube manipulator for heavy loads up to 250 kg
Designed specifically for lifting heavy and/or bulky loads to a height, the Master Plus control handle with articulated arm option ensures excellent ergonomics during handling operations.

The operator can enter and remove the loads at low or high levels without lifting the arms or forcing anything, while maintaining a high turnover rate.

  • Weight up to 250 kg
  • Lifting of loads from distance or at height
  • Ideal for bulky loads
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Load weight up to 250 kg Lifting of loads at a height Ergonomic handling Ideal for lifting bulky loads
Handling Several Bottles of Wine at a time
Handling of Containers with Food Loads at a distance| Handling of Salad Containers
Handling of Heavy or Bulky Cardboard boxes at a height
Handling Air Conditioners, Industrial Loads, Heavy Duty Loads at a Height
Solar Panels Handling at a Height
Handling of Several Boxes in the Food Industry at a Height
Palletizing, Depalletizing Handling Several Cardboard boxes at a height
Handling Several Concrete Slabs at a Height
Wine Barrel Handling | Drum Handling Assistance
MASTER Plus Articulated Arm option - Handling of Filmed-wrapped Panels, Lifting Heavy or Bulky loads
Handling Automotive Parts, Bodywork, Heavy or Bulky Loads
Manutention Panneaux en Hauteur | Manutention Cartons par Plusieurs en Hauteur

Available options for Master Plus - Articulated Arm Option …

Our products can be 100% made to measure
Our options and a study of your workplace allow us to create the product you need.
Palonnier à Ventouse pour Levage de Panneaux par Vide d'Air
Palonnier à Ventouses pour Manutention de Panneaux

Palonnier à Ventouses permettant de saisir une charge volumineuse en répartissant le poids sur plusieurs ventouses

Ventouse spécifique pour le levage de meules de fromage, de pains de viande...
Ventouse pour Charges Alimentaires

Ventouses pour le levage de pains de viande, de meules de fromage ou de mottes de beurre

Ventouse de Manutention pour Levage de Sacs
Ventouse pour Sacs

Ventouse de manutention spécifique pour le levage de sacs plastique, papier, carton...

Ventouse Coupleur pour Manutention de Cartons
Ventouse de Manutention pour Cartons

Ventouse spécifique pour le levage de cartons pour saisir les surfaces non scotchées

Ventouse permettant de lever des charges non régulières ou trouées
Ventouse Intelligente à Clapets

Ventouse avec clapets permettant de lever des charges même si toute la surface de la ventouse n'est pas couverte par la charge

Fourche pour la manipulation de bacs
Fourche pour Manutention de Bacs

Fourche sur-mesure adaptable à toutes les formes et dimensions de bacs

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Technical information

MASTER Plus can be equipped with an articulated arm.

This option may be necessary in many specific cases: Lifting of heavy and bulky loads can force operators to work at high levels to provide a grip, or to work in handling operations involving palleting at up to 2.20 m.

The articulated arm helps lift heavy loads by gripping them on the ground without leaning, and removes them to the required height (arm length made to measure).

MASTER Plus with articulated arm option perfectly resolves the problems of industrial handling by completely eliminating work difficulties born of non-ergonomic movements. 

With this cobotic (collaborative robot) tool, the operator becomes autonomous and can lift panels, bags or any other type of load up to 250 kg independently. Once the load is being held, the rotary handle of the MASTER range can help stabilise it at the desired height and move it freely in complete safety.

Many other options can be combined to further improve operator productivity and comfort, including the easy-removal option.

Type of handle
Rotary control handle
Weight of control handle
9,5 kg
Weight felt
0 kg
Dimensions of control handle
300 x 150 x 100 mm
Compatible gripping tools
Suckers, suction devices, forks, hooks, pincers etc...
Maximum removal height
2400 mm
Type of motor
Turbine motor suction unit
Soundproof casing option
Motor power
3 or 4 kW (depending on load)
Electricity supply
230V tri-phase / 400V tri-phase
Pressure drop
- 600mbar
Change of handle colour possible
Available in stainless steel version
Compatible with ATEX 2.2 zones
1 Year
Master Plus - Articulated Arm Option - Technical Drawing

Master Plus - Articulated Arm Option in use!

Handling of wooden panels at the end of the production line

Manutention de panneaux bois en sortie de ligne

Handling and transfer of containers in the food industry

Handling and transfer of containers in the food industry

Cardboard box handling - Load palletizing

Manutention de cartons - Palletisation de charges

Cardboard box handling – Palletizing

Cardboard box handling – Palletizing

Cheese Handling

Cheese Handling

Pallet handling (industry)

Pallet handling (industry)

Handling of beams outdoors - Forklift manipulator

Handling of beams outdoors - Forklift manipulator

Mattress handling

Mattress handling

Concrete slab handling

Concrete slab handling

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