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Manut-LM is France's leading manufacturer of lifting-tube handling solutions.

Based in Ancenis (Loire Atlantique, 44), Manut-LM designs and manufactures innovative solutions designed to assist with manual handling of loads. These lifting devices fall into the category of cobotic (collaborative robots) designed to reduce the human effort involved in an operation.

The production is fully based in Ancenis, as are our study office, our teams of technicians and all our support functions. To contact our teams click here.

To get closer to you, to achieve demonstrations in your sites, to advise you and to answer your requests, a technical and commercial team is available throughout France to listen to you. Get in touch with your contact person by clicking here.

In 2019, Manut-LM will change production site and move to a brand new location and designed to improve the quality of our products and processes still further and help the company grow.

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About our products

Our products are of co-operative manipulators designed to provide physical assistance to operators required to handle heavy loads. Devices that allow interaction with the operators within shared work spaces are also called Cobotics.


Manut-LM products provide several benefits to our clients:


Productivity: Repetitive manual lifting of loads or heavy weights reduces operator productivity over the day. Manut-LM solutions, thanks to their fluidity and ergonomics, help maintain or enhance the productivity of workstations. Also, no effort is required with a Manut-LM manipulator.


Health: Removing the need for the operators to lift weights, thanks to a Manut-LM lifting device, has a direct impact on the health of employees. Handling of heavy and/or bulky loads can cause pain and excessive fatigue. When these handling operations become repetitive, they can also cause MSD (Musculoskeletal Disorders), which in turn lead to sick leave.


Safety: Lifting of heavy loads can be a source of accidents if the load is accidentally released. This problem is even more present with large loads. Manut-LM tools are fitted with safety devices to protect operators against any untimely release. It is impossible to remove the loads without a deliberate action by the operator. These features help eliminate the notorious "accident at work" in positions at risk.


Autonomy: With the ability to lift up to 300 kg smoothly, ergonomically and without any effort, operators become autonomous when handling their loads. Handling processes which previously required up to six people are made very simple.


Manut-LM products are therefore both machines for maximising productivity and tools for improving well-being at work!

Cardboard Boxes Handling Assistance in Warehouses and Logistics Platforms
Système de Levage Français ! Manipulateur Industriel pour Charges Lourdes
Manutention Manuelle, des solutions conçues sur-mesure
Industrie Française - Engin de Manutention Ergonomique
Solutions de Manutention Ergonomiques Sur-Mesure pour Levage de Panneaux, Sacs, Cartons
Engin de levage de sacs conçu et fabriqué en France
Appareil de Levage de panneaux conçu sur-mesure en France
Potence - Pont Roulant - Structures pour appareil de levage
Savoir-Faire - Engin de Levage fabriqué en France
Poignée de Levage conçue en France - Engin de Manutention

Our engagements

Manual Handling Assistance Specialist for more than 30 years

Creation of Manut-LM by Christophe Duchemin
Internal Assembly and Testing of the Products / 150k€ turnover & 5 employees
Settling in Ancenis on a 2500 sq m factory
Building of a distributors network
700k€ turnover & 7 employees
Integration of a study office / 1.350k€ turnover & 10 employees
Integration of the Manufacturing Chain of Lifting-Tube Handling Devices
Launching of Aero-Lift's product range and other retailed offers: Suction-cup yokes, Hoists and handling carriages
Eric Gruau at the head of Manut-LM / 3.100k€ turnover & 19 employees
Creation of an Export Sales Department
Launching of ERGO product range to answer the needs of the Logistics market
Creation of a 150 sq. m showroom / Creation of a Methods department
6.000k€ turnover & 33 employees
Building of a new factory in Ancenis, France
French Manufacturer of Vacuum Tube Lifting Solutions
French Manufacturer

Manut-LM is proud to be the #1 French Manufacturer of Vacuum Tube Lifting Solutions!

Over 30 years of experience
A 30+ year experience

Since its creation in 1987, Manut-LM offers top-quality innovative solutions

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All Manut-LM products are made to measure to fit our clients needs

Manufacturer with a strong customer relashiship policy
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