What is vacuum-tube handling?

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Vacuum-tube handling - What is it all about?

The manual handling of loads is a common activity in all the companies involved in the production of goods, trading or services.

In order to reduce the strain on employees, it is necessary to find solutions to assist manual handling, whether for lifting heavy loads or for tasks where handling is repetitive.


The vacuum-tube handling system is a technology that enables various loads to be carried effortlessly by means of a suction system. The weight is then eliminated for the operators.

  1. A vacuum generator creates suction in a tube
  2. The air intake enables loads to be gripped with a gripping tool,
  3. The lifting tube compresses when obstructed by the load, thereby lifting the load.
  4. A control handle is used to control the orientation of the device and the lifting/lowering of the load.


This technology is widely used in industrial and logistics environments, in particular because it integrates perfectly into all types of environments. It eliminates the risk of musculoskeletal disorders or MSDs, particularly in areas where physical work is strenuous.

Vacuum-tube handling assistance - How does it work?

A vacuum-tube lifting device consists of the following components:


The vacuum generator that creates the suction: depending on the model, it can be a turbine or a vacuum pump vane. This element creates suction in the lifting tube, which enables the load to be picked up and lifted.


The lifting tube which is the central element of this handling system: air suction creates an air vacuum that results in the tube contracting, thus lifting the load.

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The control handle, which is intended to control the handling equipment: it is used to manipulate and control the raising and lowering of the load. This lifting handle can be designed depending on the movement to be performed and the type and weight of the load to be handled.


The gripping tool, which is the part that will grasp (grip = pick up) the load so that it is hoisted by the lifting unit. For vacuum-tube handling assistance we often consider a suction cup, which is the most common case. However, depending on the load, a fork, a handling clamp, a lifting hook, vacuum-lifting devices for panels, etc. can be used.


The support on which the handling system is suspended: depending on the configuration of the premises and the weight of the load, a jib crane or overhead crane could be preferable for manipulating the load.

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What loads can be manipulated?

The maximum weight usually specified is 300 kg. This limitation is due to the fact that vacuum-tube handling is very flexible, easy to handle and fast. Rapidly moving loads in excess of 300 kg can present a risk to the operator, so heavier weights should be avoided.


The manual handling assistance systems can carry all types of loads because they can accommodate all the necessary gripping tools for: cartons, bags, panels, drums and cans, glazing...


To discover some examples of loads click here

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Dans quels secteurs intégrer des solutions d'aide à la manutention par tube de levage ?

A suction cup handling system can be easily integrated into any type of industry. As soon as loads are handled, physical strain can set in and cause MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders), sick leave and work-related injuries.


This type of industrial handler can be particularly useful on production lines to facilitate the lifting of panels, beams and any other type of manufactured parts. At the end of the production line, these solutions are also useful during palletizing operations for products packaged in cartons, bags or cans.


Discover some of the sectors where vacuum-tube handling assistance is particularly used.

Lifting Tube - MSDs reduction

The advantages of vacuum-tube handling assistance solutions are numerous.


Reducing the risk of injury, workplace accidents, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) or work-related illnesses is the primary source of investment in this type of device.


In order to maximize operator productivity, it is useful to be equipped with lifting tools. They enable a single operator to handle heavy loads, effortlessly and quickly up to 300 kg.


The advantage is also significant when lifting bulky loads such as panels or beams. Without such a device, this type of load often requires the intervention of several employees adopting non-ergonomic postures, even on lightweights.

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Maximizing Productivity with Vacuum-tube lifting devices

The other advantage is in terms of safety, both for operators and loads.


Vacuum-tube handling systems ensure that loads are picked up or grasped and prevent mishandling.


The risk of falling on the operators is then almost non-existent if the device is used correctly.


In addition, suction cup gripping guarantees the safety of the product being handled, which is essential when lifting glazing, worktops, bodywork parts, for example.

Why Manut-LM?

Manut-LM manufactures in France vacuum-tube handling solutions based on the highest quality criteria. Our entire production process is located on our site based in Ancenis in Loire-Atlantique (44): Design office, welding, assembly, and after-sales service...

We specialize in the manufacture of made-to-measure devices that can be perfectly integrated in all contexts by taking into account several factors:


  • On-site installation: either with a jib crane or an overhead crane, we are able to design the structure that will accommodate the handling device while adapting to your constraints. Whether installed on the floor, on the framework or on walls, we provide the most appropriate solution to your needs.
  • Your production process: our staff is trained in ergonomics and flow reorganization to optimize workstations using lifting equipment.
  • The specific features of your loads: our devices are made-to -measure to pick up your loads      without damaging them and to lift them without any physical strain.


Our proximity is a guarantee of satisfaction for our customers. The responsiveness of our sales teams, our maintenance department and our production facilities enable us to respond to your needs rapidly!

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