Handling of wood and plastic panels, glazing

Manual handling of loads can be problematic when operators are required to lift panels. Their dimension, volume or weight can cause MSD (musculoskeletal disorders) and lead to significant losses in productivity.


The handling of panels therefore often requires several persons for use on production lines. Many work stoppages are due to wrong sizing of the loads to be carried by the operator, which may result in injury and also damage the equipment.


It is then advisable to invest in a hoist to assist operators in these tasks, with cobotic tools which allow a single person to lift heavy loads.
It is in response to these issues that Manut-LM designs and manufactures, in France, lifting-tube handling solutions intended for wood panels, sheets, doors, PVC panels etc.


Fully customizable, Master Plus control handles are the trail-blazers in the process of making the lifting of panels simpler and safer. The rotary handle helps manage the height to which the panel is lifted. Its customisable made-to-measure extended arm allows it to adapt to all forms and dimensions of panels. Finally, the gripping tools and suction-cup yokes can also be provided with many suction cups to balance the load according to its size.


MASTER PLUS may also be come in many options to adapt perfectly to your activity:
- The Load Tilter option allows a panel to be entered flat and placed in a tranche, and vice versa.
- The articulated arm option is ideal for positioning or removing panels at a height.


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Wood panels handling

Handling of wood panels

In the fields of carpentry in particular, there is a daily need for handling of wooden panels. These loads are by definition heavy and bulky, which makes handling slow and dangerous for the operators.


In order to avoid MSD (musculoskeletal disorders) and to make the operators independent while the panels pass through the cutting machines, Manut-LM designs and manufactures suitably adapted lifting solutions.


All wood panel manipulators are designed according to our clients' needs. The length of the arm, the spacing of the suction cups on the prehensile tool, and even the design of a mechanical gripping tool, are also parameters taken into account by Manut-LM to offer you the best solution.


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Handling of wood panels
Tilting of panels

Tilting of panels

Within production lines, panels can be stored in tranches to optimise storage, but must be laid flat on the cutting machines.


This handling process can cause  MSD (musculoskeletal disorders) if the process is repetitive or the weight too great. For this reason, Manut-LM has lifting tube handling solutions that overcome these restrictions: MASTER Plus with tilter option


Discover our panel-lifting solutions with tilter.

Handling of panels at a height

In cutting and production workshops, the stacking of raw materials or finished products can make the handling of heavy loads complicated. When panels are lifted to a height, Manut-LM can design and manufacture solutions adapted to your needs.


The Master Plus control handles can be extended and articulated (optional) to reach the heights required. The operators will only need to operate the handle to grip the loads on the ground and raise them upwards (or vice versa).


This solution answers the problems of work-station ergonomics while improving the productivity of operators.


If you handle large or heavy panels at non-ergonomic heights, contact us!

Handling of panels at a height
Plastic panels handling

Plastic panels

The handling of plastic panels, sometimes heavy and bulky, is a recurring problem in the industry.


The Manut-LM lifting-tube handling solutions are responses specifically adapted to the issues of lifting of plastic panels. They allow rapid, ergonomic and simple lifting of loads, while ensuring the safety of operators.


Manut-LM designs all solutions to measure, according to the specific nature of each client's loads, and in agreement with its production process.


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Sheet Metal Handling

Sheet metal mills are confronted daily with the issue of lifting panels coming from the production line. Many industrialists are also affected by the difficulty of handling sheet metal.


Manut-LM designs and manufactures, in France, manual handling assistance solutions for heavy or bulky loads. These cobotic tools (collaborative robots) are designed with the aim of responding to the most specific needs.


Operators assisted by Manut-LM lifting gear are protected against the risks of occupational diseases such as MSD (musculoskeletal disorders), but also accidents. Their autonomy is also ensured by handling devices which allow a single person to lift up to 300 kg!


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Sheet Metal Handling
Glass pains handling

Doors, windows, fragile panels

Manut-LM designs each made-to-measure solution. Our lifting gear, intended to maximise assistance in manual handling of loads, is designed for every need.


Lifting of loafs that are complex and fragile, such as panels coming from the production line (doors, flaps of windows, work plans etc), becomes possible.


Manut-LM handling and lifting solutions respect loads in order to avoid any risk of damage. The gripping tool proposed is always a function of the specific nature of the material and the shape of the load to be lifted.


The Manut-LM suction-cup manipulator solution, for example, can even lift filmed panels without damaging the packaging or the load.


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