Handling of Food Loads

The handling of loads in the agri-food industry covers a considerable variety of loads, with many individual cases. Most often, quantities of raw materials are produced and then handled in order to be packed in formats consistent with sale to individuals.

In addition, agri-food industry firms are subject to draconian health and safety restrictions.

The lifting of rolls of butter, the handling of grinding stones, and the lifting of meat and hams can become painful and restrictive in this context.

Manut-LM is therefore developing ranges of handling products in materials compatible with health standards in the agri-food industry. Each Manut-LM product is adapted according to the client's need, in terms of materials, type of control handle or prehensile tool.

See our videos to discover Manut-LM's lifting tube handling solutions that are ideal for food loads and their containers.

Aide Manutention Pain de Viande | Manutention Barres de Jambon

Handling meat loaves and hams

Lifting meat loaves, or repetitively handling whole hams, can cause operators to suffer MSD (musculoskeletal disorders) and pain, and can also lead to dropping of loads. Meat loaves often have uneven surfaces, and hams can be slippery.

In order to make operators' work much less arduous, while increasing productivity by eliminating the risk of errors, Manut-LM offers ranges of products dedicated to this type of load.

Watch our solutions and contact us to discover the Manut-LM's answers to your lifting constraints.

Handling rolls of butter

Rolls of butter, before entering the packaging chain, can become too heavy for manual lifting. In addition, operations such as unpacking or lifting can be sources of accidents because of the smooth and slippery surface of the load, which has no natural grip point.

Thanks to lifting-tube handling solutions, Manut-LM offers manipulators with suction cups for lifting rolls of butter easily, quickly and safely.

Discover our solutions to maximize your productivity and employee well-being!

Manutention de Motte de Beurre | Manipulation de charges alimentaires
Manutention meule de fromage | Manutention de charges alimentaires

Handling Cheese stones

Carrying cheese stones has the same disadvantages as any food load: lack of grip, smooth surface and potential slipperiness. Manut-LM therefore designs made-to-measure suction-cup handling solutions for this type of load.


The handling of cheese stones then becomes easy, enabling operators to maximise their productivity while avoiding the risk of MSD (musculoskeletal disorder), pain and occupational diseases.


See our solutions: Manut-LM adapts to all types of loads!

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