Handling and Lifting of Boxes at High Rates

Handling of boxes is a very common activity not only in logistics, but also in all sectors of activity involving the transport and handling of products. Lifting of boxes is an activity that is both time-consuming and physically painful. Operators must be equipped to maximise the productivity of this task while reducing the human risks related to bad gestures and postures.


In order to assist operators in the handling of cartons of all weights, shapes and sizes, Manut-LM has developed cobotic manipulators as manual handling assistance solutions.


Thanks to a control handle combined with a lifting tube, the operator can ergonomically lift up to 300 kg, thus completely eliminating the weight of load.
All types of boxes can be lifted, but using different gripping tools according to the type of box.
The corrugation of the cardboard will be decisive in the choice of solution. We prefer suction cups for thicker boxes, and mechanical gripping tools (clamps, plates etc) for thinner boxes.
In addition, depending on the type of handling required of the operator, the recommended solution will be different.
If handling is done on the ground or at a height, a control handle with an extended articulated will be recommended.
For tilting the carton to place in the direction of the production line, a tilter option will be essential.
If several boxes are lifted at once, a Master model with an extended rotary handle will be better suited.
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Handling of multiple boxes at the same time

Video - Handling Assistance for Boxes

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Handling of standard boxes with high rates

Do you handle large quantities of boxes?

If so, your operators need tools to improve their productivity in order to maintain the required production rates. Nevertheless, increased productivity in operations involving repetitive lifting of loads can very quickly lead to MSD (musculoskeletal disorders), back pain or other injury, causing work stoppages.


Manut-LM has developed lifting-tube handling solutions to maintain high rates while reducing human risks.


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ERGO Plus - Handling of standard boxes with high rates

Handling of bulky boxes

The handling of bulky boxes can be difficult at several levels: no solid place for gripping, poor posture when gripping the load, need for multiple operators in raising, or excessive weight.


These specific cases reduce the productivity of operators, and are the direct causes of pain and work stoppages.
Manut-LM has designed solutions that allow effortless of lifting of heavy and bulky boxes to adapt to the problems of each sector of activity.


The technology of our lifting-tube handling solutions gives operators autonomy in the lifting of these loads by offering them great flexibility of movement. The risk of MSD (musculoskeletal disorders) is therefore removed.


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Solutions for the handling of bulky boxes
Handling of multiple boxes

Handling of multiple boxes

For activities that require a high productivity output for standardized parcels, Manut-LM offers lifting tube handling solutions to raise several boxes at a time.


Ideal for the loading and unloading of pallets, these heavy-load manipulators allow a single operator to minimise the time spent on this kind of task and concentrate on more important actions.


Beyond the productivity gain, Manut-LM solutions always strive to offer ergonomic products that ensure the comfort and wholeness of operators. Repetitive handling of cartons can cause MSD (Musculoskeletal Disorders). With this lifting-tube manipulator, the danger to health is removed.


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Handling of cardboard with tilting

On production lines or in workshops, boxes containing raw material sometimes need to be moved and then tilted to empty the contents.


If the contents are heavy, this process can have immediate consequences for the operators' health. Indeed, the size of a box may force an operator to adopt a non-ergonomic posture with resultant back pain, especially if the contents are heavy.


With the Master Plus control handle and its load tilter option, Manut-LM offers a complete lifting-tube handling solution that allows all types of bulky load to be gripped and tipped.


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Handling of cardboard with tilting
Handling of cartons at a height

Handling of cartons at a height

During palleting or depaletting, operators can be required to handle cartons of differing weights and sizes, at a height or close to the ground. During manual handling, the gestures and postures adopted are very often non-ergonomic and can lead to pain or accidents.


To address these risks and provide ergonomic solutions that improve operator productivity and autonomy, Manut-LM has developed lifting tube handling solutions with extended and articulated control handles. The operator can therefore grip loads at a height and remove them to the ground, and vice versa, without adopting a bad posture.


No more need for a stepladder or a group of people! A single operator can palletise the boxes, effortlessly. quickly and smoothly.


You will find examples of finished products in this video. See our teams to find the solution that best meets your need.

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