Ergonomic Solution for Lifting Bags

Bag-handling operations often involve significant physical effort. If the movement is repeated over a long time, lifting of bags can cause musculoskeletal disorders and other occupational diseases.
Manut-LM designs and manufactures, in France, manual handling assistance solutions to provide relief for operators, in relation both to weight and to gestures and postures to be adopted. These handling solutions, also called cobotic solutions, are based on in-depth ergonomic studies of different workstations to provide responses to the needs for manual lifting of loads.
Manut-LM can lift all types of bags: Plastic bags, paper bags, jute canvas bags etc.
The standard requires a bag weight limited to 25 kg for all manual handling operations. However, Manut-LM lifting appliances allow easy lifting of bags weighing up to 50 kg.
If a greater or atypical weight is required, please do not hesitate to consult us!
Our teams design made-to-measure solutions to your handling problems!

Video - Handling of Bags

Manut-LM offers solutions for lifting bags

ergonomically and easily. The weight of the load

is deleted allowing the workers to avoid

MSD risks while improving their productivity.


Discover our lifting solutions for bags with this video!

Manutention de sacs
Manutention de sacs - Manut-LM

Démonstrations de manutention de sacs

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manutention de sacs de ciment

Handling Paper Bags

Paper bags are used for packaging many raw materials and can be found in all sectors of activity. Thanks to a widely tested suction cup system, Manut-LM takes the sweat out of handling sacks weighing 25 kg and more.


The suction cups for bags are rigid and fitted with a seal to pair with the roughness of the bag. A vacuum is therefore created by suction at load level. The operator can then effortlessly raise the heavy bags.


Our solutions for handling bags are now widespread in many sectors: Bags of flour in agri-food, bags of cement in the building trade, bags of dyes in industry...

Discover our solutions by watching our video!

Lifting of bags

Plastic bags are used in the packaging of countless materials. They can be found as much in the chemical industry as in Agri-Food and logistics.
The lifting of plastic bags is often restrictive for containing heavy loads, and the operator does not have a grip to allow ease of handling, and the posture for catching and raising the bag is often hard on the back.


In order to avoid MSD (Musculoskeletal Disorders) related to prolonged activity and/or to repetitive handling of bags, Manut-LM offers manual handling assistance solutions (Cobotics).


Thanks to our lifting-tube control handle, the weight of the load is removed while guaranteeing that the operator will keep an ergonomic posture.
Our suction-cup manipulators can lift all types of plastic bags: Bags of salt, bags of potting soil...


Watch our video and discover some Manut-LM creations! Contact us to discuss your specific need.

Alimentation de sacs sur trémie en agroalimentaire
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