How are your systems powered?

Our systems are mainly powered by 230/400V three-phase + earth

What is the electrical power required for your extraction unit?

The power required is 3 or 4kW.

Does your equipment require a connection to the compressed air network?

In most cases, our devices do not require compressed air. However, this may be necessary in the following 2 cases, namely: for equipment with tilting and/or pneumatic clamping and for equipment equipped with a venturi to replace the suction unit. Nevertheless, in the case of an appliance equipped with a venturi, air consumption is very high and it is preferable to opt for a motorized system.

Up to what weight can you lift?

Our devices can reach a maximum load capacity of 270 kg.

Consult us.

Are your systems always with a suction cup gripper?

No, not always. We can propose you gripping systems by mechanical or pneumatic gripper, fork, hook, etc.

Can you recommend specific solutions for our needs?

Yes, we have an integrated design department that can develop made-to-measure solutions.

Are your systems mobile?

Most systems are fixed station systems but we can also offer solutions that can be either moved by forklift trucks or that can be installed directly on a pallet stacker/pallet truck/forklift truck.

Is it automatic handling?

No, our products require manual handling.

Do you organise demonstrations?

Yes, we can provide a demonstration on your site or on our premises.

What equipment do you offer for rent?

To date, MANU-BOY site lifters for handling sandwich panels.

Is the product subject to regular inspection?

Yes, our equipment is subject, like any handling system, to a control with reference to the decree of March 1, 2004:

- a validation by an approved body for the installation or re-installation.

- a regulatory periodic control.

Can the system be used without authorization?

Yes, however, the operator using the device must know the operating instructions of the device as specified in Articles R4323-55 and R4323-56 of the Labour Code.

How long are your devices guaranteed for?

The guarantee is 12 months, parts and labour excluding consumable parts, working 8 hours/day, 6/7 days.

Do you ensure the installation of the equipment?

Yes, we can ensure the installation either ourselves or by an approved installer from our network. In addition, we can offer you a turnkey solution including mounting, installation and inspection by an approved body.

Do you ensure the maintenance of your devices?

Yes, we can offer regular inspection contracts or troubleshooting services.

My device no longer lifts. What should I do before calling the repairman?

You can refer to pages 109 & 110 of the instruction manual provided with the unit.

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