Vacuum-tube manipulator with pneumatic gripper for packs of tiles weighing up to 100 kg !

PM-120 Mechanical Handling Gripper
PM-120 Mechanical Handling Gripper

Ideal for handling wood, melamine, plastic or metal panels, it is simply attached to a hoist.

Autonomous Handling Suction Cup VM-70
VM-70 : Manut-LM Handling Suction Cup

It can hold loads of up to 140 kg horizontally and 70 kg vertically.
Attached to a hoist or a stacker, it enables the operators to work on delicate handling operations independently.

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French manufacturer of manual handling assistance solutions
#1 French manufacturer of manual handling assistance solutions

Ergonomics is at the heart of our business!

MANUT-LM helps you to supress the risks caused by manual handling of loads.

Reducing human risk, together with material and financial hazard by providing workplaces with solutions fit to their business and needs.

Avoid work accidents and increase productivity!

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Panel Handling
Panel flipper

Manut-LM offers a Panel-Flipper option for its MASTER Plus vacuum tube lifter.

MASTER Plus with the Panel-Flipper option can lift and flip panels up to 180 kg and at a 80 degrees angle. It enables the possibility of taking panels flat and and flip them on the site to lay them down on the side.

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An ergonomic solution to handle cardboard boxes fast and easily
Ergonomic handling of cardboard boxes

Discover ERGO Fast, a manual handling assistance solution fit for logistics and handling businesses dealing with lifting cardboard boxes.

Improves Ergonomy and Productivity!

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Handling in Building and Construction
Handling in Building and Construction

Building and construction operators carry heavy loads.

Manut-LM offers solutions to increase operator productivity and reduce MSD risks.

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Manut-LM, the French manufacturer of handling assistance

Ergonomics is at the heart of our business!
Manut-LM designs, manufactures and distributes handling solutions with lifting tubes to help firms reduce the risks of MSD and improve their productivity.
Our study office and production site work with the permanent aim of maximising the quality and the ergonomics of the tools on offer.
French Manufacturer of Vacuum Tube Lifting Solutions
French Manufacturer

Manut-LM is proud to be the #1 French Manufacturer of Vacuum Tube Lifting Solutions!

Over 30 years of experience
A 30+ year experience

Since its creation in 1987, Manut-LM offers top-quality innovative solutions

Customized products

All Manut-LM products are made to measure to fit our clients needs

Manufacturer with a strong customer relashiship policy
Close to you

Our sales and technical teams are at your complete disposal to answer your needs quickly

They trust us!
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France's No. 1 lifting-tube handling solution

For more than 30 years, Manut-LM has been manufacturing, in Ancenis, France, lifting devices designed to assist operators in their handling operations.
These Cobotic (collaborative robot) devices allow autonomous handling of heavy loads without effort or danger, thus improving the ergonomics of workstations.
The handling of bags, boxes or wood or metal panels, or the lifting of beams or glazing, can lead to musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) or professional sickness, with consequent work stoppages.
Manut-LM designs all its lifting gear to reduce make work processes easier while respecting the load to be lifted. This makes manual handling of loads simple and effective.
A lifting system must integrate perfectly into the environment and production process to which it applies. For this reason, all our handling machines are made-to-measure products in the service of your activity, in order to improve both employee well-being and productivity.
Manut-LM therefore offers on-site demonstration of our products in order to validate the relevance of the handling assistance solution. The installation of gallows or rolling bridges is also part of the delivery, producing an optimal range of action for the use of our suction-cup manipulators.
Discover our bag-lifting solutions, our box handlers, our panel handlers and all our other load handling devices by clicking here!